38 McHale Road

My Dear Ellie

I am sure this will surprise you to hear from me after so long. I've been attempting to write but leaving it over until tomorrow. Well to start with, where I live is on the Road that was once entered by the white gates into the town. The U.D.C. built 116 houses on that road in the 1930's. They aren't anything to boast about but they were alright when we got it.

As I suppose you know we have three sons Wally, Paddy & Michael. Wally is in England & has four daughters and three sons. His eldest boy Michael is married but so far they have no family. His eldest daughter Maura has no time for getting married as she is too interested in her job & she is now studying chemistry. His second daughter Anna is married & has one baby. Margarett his next is still at school & I think will be the lady of the family. His second son William is studying to be a draughtsman & Christifer & Michael are only starting school.

Paddy my second son is working in the Co Council Office in the Building Dept. He is clerk there with another man. Michael works also for the Co Council as a carpenter. The Council carries out their own maintenance work & they have to travel all over the County. Michael lives on the Newport Rd. He is married to a baker's daughter, Mary Moran. He has two boys & 2 girls. Paddy lives with May & I & I don't think he will ever marry.

By the way Maura resembles you.

There are lots of changes since you left here & there are not many of the old gang left. The latest to depart was Bridgie Madden Hollyhill (Mrs. Jimmie King) who died last week. Hollyhill is Hollyhill no more as it's wiped out & there are no more thatched houses there now. I will tell you all about it later on.

We had a surprise visitor here in Sept. A man & his wife called one day and inquired if this [was the] Basquills. May said yes & won't you come in. She said, I'm Catherin Basquill grandaughter of Uncle Denis. She was looking for his relatives but didn't know where to go. Her grandmother was Ellen Carney & she understood her father John was born in Foxford [Forkfield]. She tried there for his birth certificate but it wasn't there. She didn't know that any of our family lived in C.Bar until her step sister told her that Anna R.I.P. & I lived here so she located me when she had almost given up hope. I got her father's baptismal cert in Aughagower & I sent it on to her. She could not delay here as she was in a buss tour. Her address is Mrs. Catherin O'Hare 114 LINCOLN ST HAMDEN CONN. 06518 U.S.A. She sent me Mary Schofield's address also. MRS. DANIEL NUGENT 199 WHITING AVE DEDHAM MASS 02026. I'll have more about home next time & wishing you a very happy Christmas & hope you will enjoy it.

With lots of love from
May Willy & Paddy

P.S. Our cousin confused Foxford with Forkfield Ayle.

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