38 McHale Rd

My Dear Sisters

I am sure this will come as a shock to you. May has been on to me for ever so long to write to you but I've done it at last. I wrote to you before Christmas but I got no reply & at last I discovered I addressed the letters to your old address. I got both addresses from Nellie Richardson & it was some time after Xmas that she discovered the mistake. Well to start telling about home, its hard to know where to start. Well I'm the last of the generation here now & there aren't many of the old timers left. You might wonder where McHale Rd is. You remember the White gates leading into the Town. McHale Rd is the road that led in from the gate, not the one where the Gannons lived. The U.D.C. built 116 houses there in the 1930's. We live in No 38. Nellie Richardson lives in No 18. Jim Hughes from Lavelles New St R.I.P. lived in 37. His widow still lives here. There are a few from Spencer St here too.

Well our family of three sons Wally, who is in Luton England. He has 7 in his family & two of them are married. Michael his eldest has no family & Anna his second daughter is married & has one child. Maura his eldest daughter works in a laboratory in London & she is studying chemistry. He has two more sons William & Christifer & daughters Margaret & Jaqueline. Paddy my second son didn't marry & is living at home. He works in the Co Council Office. He is clerk in the engineer's office. Michael the youngest is married & has two sons & two daughters. He works for the Co Council as a carpenter. He built a bungalow on the Newport Rd. His wife was Mary Moran & her parents live next door. Her father has a bakery there. So there only three of us here now. All of Anna's R.I.P, that is here is Nellie in McHale Rd & John in Derrywash. George lives in Galway. The remainder are in London. All of Tom's R.I.P family went to Canada. Mary is married to Patsy Kelly from Ballintubber. She has a confectionary business in Dunlaoghaire that was Kingstown in the old days. Willie & John Richardson are married to Thomas Keaney's two daughters. Willie built a bungalow in Baynes land near Joyces well as he got land there. There are none of the Bourkes left. Paddy died about 5 years ago but his family are in Coolodge. We had a surprise last Sept. A man & his wife called here, she is a grandaughter of Uncle Denis but unfortunately she had only three hrs stay as she was on a buss tour. She was looking for her father's birth cert. Uncle Denis was working in England & married to Ellen Carney from Forkfield, Ayle, in 1862 & his son John was baptised in Aughagower in June 1863. His mother came home before the baby was born. Her name is Catherin & she knew Kitty & it was Kitty or as we called her Kate Schofield who told her sister that Anna R.I.P & I lived in Castlebar, as Denis her grandfather looked on Westport as their home town. I got her father's birth cert in Aughagower & sent it on to her. I then looked for her grandfather's cert but unfortunately there are six years records missing from the register. I got Uncle Pat born 1832 John 1834 Willie [Killadeer] 1835 & none until Uncle Mikie 1844 & Father 1846 & Nicholas 1850. I was anxious to get Aunt Margaret's as she was the only girl in the family & she was born some time after Uncle Denis and before Uncle Mikie. She knew Aunt Margarett. She lived in Boston & was married to a man named Bourke. She didn't know where Uncle Nicholas lived. She gave me Mary Schofield's address. I wrote to her at Xmas when I wrote to you but I got no reply. Catherin's address is Mrs. Catherin O'Hare 114 LINCOLN ST HAMDEN 06518 CONNECTICUT. This is the address of Mary Schofield. Her Married name is Nugent. MRS. DANIAL NUGENT 199 WHITING AVE, DEDHAM, MASS 02026.

Do you know where Denises sons are or do you keep in touch with them. Walter met Kitty Richardson in London just after the war in 45 and we hoped he would come here as a large number of U.S.A. troops came but he didn't come. Do you know anything about Patrick's R.I.P. daughters or where are they? There are no Basquills in Killadeer or Ayle now & Michael Basquill Ballyheane is also gone as after Pat died they sold the place. Julia Basquill (John's daughter) is married to Billy Fergus from Mountdaisy & they live in Gorthbaun in Sarah McGreevey's place.

Mike & Mary Basquill left Ayle & went to live in Westport but they are both dead & Mike's only daughter is in England. Mary Married a man named McNally but they too have passed on. There are very few of the old crowd left & the population of rural areas is now about half what it was when you were here. It makes one reflect when one realizes that Anna Michael John, Tom & Annie, all the Bourkes. May's brother Johnie died suddenly. Mikie died in 1931. Lawrence Morahan Bridgie's Husband died in 52. Tess Joyce died about 10 years ago & George sold the place & is living with Bridgie Joyce in CBar. Bridgie's husband died some years ago. They live in a bungalow across the road from Charlie Hanley's Spencer St. Another one who was enquiring about you is Maggie Ainsworth. She lives in 47 McHale Rd with her son. Her husband died years ago. Nellie Richardson had a letter from her brother Walter who went to New Zealand & he contacted the Robinsons. That is the family that John R.I.P. met when he was out there. They still spell their name Baskerville & when I tried Aughagower Baskwill Baskwell Baskquill & Basquill so that makes five ways in all.

Well now it's time I asked you how you are getting on & I hope that you are very well & enjoying life & do please write & let us know how you Jean & her family are. I now regret that I didn't keep in touch with you all those years but now when there are so few of us left it makes one sit up & think & I'm sure you will have a lot to enquire about, that is who is left & who has passed on.

Here's to hearing from [you] in the near future & May Paddy Michael & family myself send you lots of love & God's blessing.

From May Willie & family

P.S. This is the New Zealand address Mrs. Millie Hitchcock (nee Robinson) 23 Courtville Flats Parkament St Auckland New Zealand

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