38 McHale Road
Castlebar, Co Mayo

My Dear Sister Ellie

I must first of all thank you very sincerely for the money you sent with Patsy Richardson. It was entirely two much & I got a big surprise when she handed me �16. I presume she has told you all about Ireland. She had a very short visit here. We only saw her for a few hrs one evening, but as she had so many friends to call on both here & in England, she was busy. I wrote to you some time back. I wonder if you got my letter as I got no reply, so I must have got the wrong address. Well things have changed very much since you left here. Castlebar has improved somewhat but the population has gone down in the Rural areas & there aren't many of the old friends left.

Tom's son Willie is living in Baynes land. He built a new house near Joyces. Tom left the house he built in Hollyhill to Tommie & he sold it so that's that. It's about time I told about my own family. Wally the eldest is living in Luton about 30 mls from London. His older son Michael is married & living in Luton also. His wife is a very nice person. They paid two visits to us since they married. They have one little girl. Maura his eldest daughter is married to a French man & is living in the south of France. He is an M.A. & is teaching in a Uney. Maura was teaching English in a Convent. His second daughter Anna is married to an English man. He works in the Post Office. We haven't met him yet. Wally & his wife Rita give [him] great praise. Now he has left William, Margaret, Jaquiline & Christifer. Paddy our second son is living here in McHale Rd with May & myself. He works in the Co Council Office. He has a nice job & gets along fine there. Michael our other son is married to a Mary Moran & he lives on the Newport Road. He works for the Co Council as a carpenter & has to travel all over Mayo on repairs to Council property such as Courthouses etc. He has four children Justin, Paul, Moria & _______ . They are all fine kids & Justin is a bit of an Artist. He took first place in Connaught for children under 12 yrs & he was only turned 8 yrs.

Of Anna's family George is living in Galway. Nellie is 18 McHale Rd. Peggy & her husband came back from England & bought a pub a few miles outside Ballyhaunis & John is living in the old home in Derrywash & all the rest of them are in England mostly in London.

Of Tom's family Willie is the only one in Ballyheane. Jack R.I.P. lived across the oppiset the Asylum now known as St Marys Mental Hospital. His widow & family still live there except 3. The eldest Tommie who is married, he lives in Turlough & works in the Co Council office, Mary is a student nurse in England & Se�n is at a job in Dublin. Tom's eldest son has his own little building business in Dublin & Tommie lives in Dunlaoghaire pronounced Dunleary. He works mostly with Walter & sometimes on his own. Mary his only daughter has a confectionary also in Dunleary. She is married to Patsy Kelly from Ballintubber. His people has the Pub there still & Jimmie the youngest is Christian Bro. in the [De La Salle] order.

There are so many of the old gang gone to their reward I don't like to start naming them, but I regret to say that one of your old class mates passed away on Sat Sept 21 in the person of Lizzie Castello nee Madden. After her first husband John Gavin died, she married Jim Costello & he died in Feb last. Martin Dolan died a few months back. It's no good starting the list as it's so long. I will leave you to enquire about the ones you remember when you write as I hope you will as I would love to hear from you. I wrote two letters to you some time ago & I wonder if you received them as I got no reply. In case you didn't get my other letters two years ago we had a visitor here, a grandaughter of Uncle Denis, Catherin Basquill & her husband J O'Hara. She was looking for her father's birth cert. She didn't make much progress but I got it in Aughagower, & she was delighted when I sent it to her. I tried for Uncle Denises but unfortunately a lot of the record was missing but I got his marriage cert & a birth cert of our Uncles, the first was Patrick born 1832, John 1834, Willie 1835. The rest were missing until Mikie 1844, (Dad) Walter 1846, Nicholas 1850. All in between 1835-1844 were missing including Aunt Margaret. Catherin told me Aunt Margaret was married in Boston to a man named Bourke.

Patsy told us Margaret is in the Sacred Heart Home. Will you please let me know how she is as I would like very much to write to her as we have made no contact for a long time.

Hoping you receive this & with lots of love
from May Myself & family your loving brother
Willie XXXX

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