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My Dear Nell

I apologize for not writing sooner but time flies. You will find it difficult to remember all the old friends. Well for a start, Anne & Ellie King Derrynaskah both died about 4 yrs ago. Patsy some time before that & Mike further back. John & Mrs King are also dead for some time, so the only King there now is long Pat's son. Pat died in New York & John brought his son home & brought him up. John Patrick & Catherin Kilroy are also dead. Patrick died in the Mental Hospital when he was young. John died there also but at a later date.

Catherin married Se�n Corkle's brother, they had no family so she was the last to die. Their place was sold to a Dr. Sarsfield who is a Dr. in the Mental Hospital but he doesn't live out there. Paddy Jennings & wife are dead years ago. He left his place to Mickey Jennings son Pat, he was only a kid when you left here. He married but had no family & they are both dead now.

John Martin married a girl from [?] named Prendergast & the last time I met Stephen some time back he told me Martin's son, a priest, paid them a visit. Of course Stephen had a new house built at that time. Stephen died about four years ago. He married that Maggie Tuffy from Buncom. One of his sons is married to John Sweeney's daughter, Cloonfarth [Cloonfert].

All the McHales are dead. Dick was the last of them.

You mentioned Lucy McAdams. She married Dick Dunne, a brother of Paddy Dunne that worked in Bourke's garadge. They had two sons & both went to Canada & are there yet. Dick died about 20 yrs ago. They lived in a bungalo on Breaghy Rd. Lucy died about seven yrs ago. Willie John & Lucy both went to Canada years ago but they didn't wait long there. W.J. got married but things didn't thrive too good so he sold the place to Ned Cannon Hollyhill for �500. There was some of the land taken from him by the C.D.B.

The Hamiltons are also gone. Willie Hamilton got married there but his wife died & he sold out after some time. All Flanagans are gone. One of Martin's sons been in Hollyhill but out on the main road side. Pat Jennings also built a house out at the road but Pat died about 5 years ago & one of Thos. King's sons (Keaney to you) & his mother Mary Jennings live there. T. Keaney died some years ago. One of T. Keaney's daughters is married to Willie Basquill (Thompson) & another to John Richardson Anna's son so there [...] mix up.

If I keep on like this the letter will be like an obituary notice. You will see on the paper that Tommie Durcan died a few weeks ago, since then Dan Downes (you may not have known him) & Tommie Gavin whose people had a bakery where May's people lived one time in Spencer St have died since T. Durcan died.

Well it's nearly time to stop about people dying but I almost forgot Kate Skevington died 10 days ago. She was married to a Mr. Foy Ballinafad.

I am sending you the C[onnaught] Telegraph, it will refresh your memory maybe. The town has changed a bit since you left here. There are houses out nearly as far as John Winters on the west side of the road & much the same on all the roads leading out of town.

I nearly forgot to mention the Cannons Jack died a long time ago. He was always a bit delicate. Annie married a Mr. Kelly in Westport & she died young too. Bridgie was next to die. Sis was next. Walter next about 7 or 8 yrs back & Ned about 5 yrs ago, six in all & Baby is still young. She married a Mr. Boland up in North Mayo. Sally married Frank Thornton. He died about 10 years ago. Paddy married a Miss Quinn from Castlecarra, they both taught in Clorggernauch Islandeady & Father's Michael's Martin are both in the U.S.A. The Bourkes in Ellison St & more or less broken up now. Josie left the firm & opened on his own in O'Donnells next door to the Burleigh House. He died & his one son sold out a few yrs ago. Tommie lived in Maryland & Gussie built a house in Maryland. Both dead now so the only one left is Chappie & he is in Westport. He married a Claire Ryan. Bourkes place in Ellison St is a drapery shop now & the garadge at Market Sq is also sold.

I think that covers a good lot of the old times & now to look for some information. I haven't finished yet. John Richardson is still in Liverpool & the last time he was here he looked fine. We lost track of John McCann & no one from this place ever came in contact with him. He just vanished after the first war.

You didn't tell me Jeanne's husband's name or all her family's names for a start. You mentioned Dorothy and George Malone from Kansas City but you didn't say who they are or what is the relation. That is the first time I have heard of them.

Do you know anything about Denis's sons or have you lost track of them. Also do you know any thing about Patrick's family? I understood he had two daughters & they were in Boston but that was a long time back. Also John Basquill's family. I think they are in New York. Julia is the only one at home. She is married to Billy Fergus Mountdaisy & they live in Sarah McGreevey's old home in Gorthbaun. I haven't seen them for some time.

I was informed by Catherin O'Hara nee Basquill that Aunt Margarett (Dad only sister) lived in Boston. She was married to a man named Bourke & that her family were still there. Uncle Dennis was Catherin O'Hara's grandfather. She called on us some three years ago. They had a get together over there. There were more than 40 Basquills & one was over on a visit from London & she told me she was Jessie Basquill, Michael's daughter. I remember you often told me about her & her brother but I never saw them.

I think I told you that one of my grandaughters, Maura, is married to a French man & he is doing his National Service & as he is teacher, he is an M.A., he can do his service teaching in a Unie. Maura is teaching English in a Convent School. She studied French in Paris. She resembles you in many ways both in appearance and manner.

Do you think I should write to Margarett or would she like to get a letter from home. Please let me know.

Well we are all as well here as can be expected & as we are young no longer we cannot expect to be tip top.

We will have Wally & some of his family over here in July. He lives in Luton about 30 mls north of London. They came to Hollyhead by his car & they drive on to the boat & drive off at Dunlaoghaire (pronounced Dunnleary) Kingstown to you, so they can come down in their own time & don't have to worry about trains. Of course it's terrible on the roads now with cars. It's so bad that we have one way streets in Castlebar now. You are not allowed to go down Main St Linnen Hall St or Tucker St or Castle St from the Bank of Ireland but you can come up that way. A horse is a rare sight & I haven't seen a side car for years. It's a change when they have electric currant & T.V. in Cloonfarth & Hollyhill. Some change.

All here send you all lots of Love & God bless & looking forward to another letter from you
You Remember us to Jeanne & all the family
With lots of Love from
May Willy & family

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