38 McHale Rd

My Dear Nell

I hope you will forgive me for not answering your last letter. At that time we were preparing for Wally & family to come from England on their holidays & that caused it to be put on the long finger, so do forgive me. e had eight of them including two great grand children, a boy & a girl.

Well all here are in good form T. G. All four of Michael's kids (my youngest son) are all going to school now so you don't feel them growing up. May, Paddy & myself are all that's left at home now. Matters are rather quiet here but there is much political trouble in North since 1969 but we are hoping it will get settled in the near future.

I sent you some Connaught Telegraphs some weeks back. I hope they arrived alright. I'm sure you were wondering what the song contest was all about. Well it started 8 years ago & it's getting bigger every year, as you can see, the compedditors from all parts of the world, even girl from Japan, a man from Calafornia, a girl from Malta & some from Poland Germany etc. They get hundreds of entries from all places & they select the best of them & then they compete for the prize from that lot. It was a huge success this year.

A few more of the old crowd have passed on. Willie Staunton from the bog died shortly after you got my last letter. Kate Skevington *Mrs. Foy Ballinafad) was next. John Joe Joyce was next & Christie Joyce died two weeks ago, so they are moving on.

I don't remember if I told you about Creeragh people. Well all the Kilroys died years ago. Patrick died first, John next & Catherin 8 or ten years ago. Their place was devided by the land Commissioner. Paddy Jennings left his place to Micky's son Pat. He married but had no family & he sold that place to a Dr. Sarsfield who is a Dr. in the Mental Hospital. None of the Maddens ever returned. Stephen married Maggie Tuffy Buncom. Stephen died about 5 yrs back. Martin married a girl from Cloghar named Prendergast & they have two sons, priests. One of them wer here some years back. I forgot to finish about Kilroys. John or Patrick never got married. Catherin married a brother of Se´┐Żn Corkle who was a teacher in Ballintubber. Catherin lived in Castlecarra. They had no family. Of course the Flanagans are dead a long time & Martin died quite young, some time in the early 20s.

It's only when you count them up that you realize there are so many gone. John Moran & his step sister Margarett live near us here in McHale Rd. We live in No 38 and they live in No 52. They sold their place in Killadeer. Their eldest brother Jimmie came home so they sold out & came into town.

How is Margarett getting on now. I hope she [is] comfortable. I'll leave it to you as you will know best what to say to her but please tell her I was asking for her. I always remember how she used to take my part when you & I were kids & we had a row.

Hoping you & all well & wishing you a Very Happy Christmas & with lots of Love & Best Wishes
From May & Willie

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