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My Dear Nell

I must apologize for not writing sooner but last summer Wally wife and family were home. Their daughters, one son, one grand sun & one grandaughter. That was two of my great grand children eight all told so that threw the spanner in the works. I wrote to you & sent the Connaught Telegraph & I had no reply. I hope nothing is wrong & I hope you are all well there. We are well here T. G. & keeping alive.

There is only Paddy living here with us & Michael is living on the Newport Rd. It's all built up there now. He has 4 grand kids, two eldest boys & 2 youngest girls. The eldest boy Justin (he is now over 11 yrs) has a great flare for art & although he had no Art teacher when he was just turned 8 yrs he took first place in Connaught in a competition for children under 12 yrs & he was only turned eight. He is getting a chance now as there is an Art instructer here every Saturday for Post Primary Students & Justin is the only one who was admitted from the Primary School.

In case you didn't get my last letter in which I mentioned some of our old gang who have passed on. Jimmie Joyce has died but I think I told you that before John Joe Joyce died last summer & Christie died just after Christmas. Mrs. Foy nee Kate Skevington died last Autumn & one of your old pals Claire Keanan died two weeks back. The only one left now is Charlie & he is in hospital & will hardly leave there.

George Richardson was not too well two weeks back & was in hospital for a week. Nancy Richardson & her son Mike came from London to see him & while they were here Jack (Sykes) died in Liverpool. Nancy's son told me he was over there in the States last year & that he met you & he was delighted he met you.

Well May & myself are as good as can be expected as we got fairly good health & that's most important. Of course Paddy spends most Sundays away with the G.A.A. as Fr. Leo & he are again in their old position in the Co Board.

hoping you & all well & hope Margaret is well too & we send our best love from May Paddy Michael & kids & hoping to hear from you again Your loving brother Willy & May


I wrote to you a few times but I [am] afraid I didn't put your full address so you may not have received them. However I hope I have it right this time. Bill

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